Speaking of Shooting During Inclement Weather

Fellow WV Shooters Sandy and her Husband Lonnie Spencer sent this Photograph of what we shot in during the Grand American last year, yikes!!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Every year I pledge to practice during the winter off season as the pictures suggest Karen Denbigh, John Elliott and Bill Bishop didn't let a little rain dampen their practice today as they shot at Point Pleasant Gun Club.

2013 WV State Team Annouced


WV State Team




WV Trapshooting History

Marshall County Hunting & Fishing Club receives $5,000.00 Grant from the ATA

Marshall County Hunting & Fishing Club has received a $5,000.00 grant from the ATA to purchase a new pat trap. Rob Ingram submitted the application. The ATA gave out $25,000.00 in gun club grants this year. The complete list of this years' recipients follows:

Wisconsin Trapshooting Association, WI       $5,000

More Stories from the 2012 Grand American

Mark Isner's story on the WV results at the Grand American tells how we shot, I thought I would tell the rest of the story in pictures.

2012 Grand American WV Shooters Results

August 19, 2012


I just returned from the 2012 Grand American World Trapshooting Championships and want to mention a few accomplishments of West Virginia shooters. Also, the weather was the coolest I can remember. We only had one day of bad rain storms over the entire shoot and when it came, it was a dandy.


2012 WV State Shoot Results

2012 WV State Shoot Results



Results for the Early Bird Bags


Early Bird Shooters !!!

2012 WV State Shoot Story

David Slusher WV Singles Champion, Erich Reger Captures Handicap, Bob Harden garners second Doubles Crown, Scott Ross Repeats HAA and Michael Kemp HOA Champion.


The ATA adds another $100,000.00 to this years Grand American

Another 100,000 reasons to make the Grand this year. Click on the link below to read the ATA's latest press release.



Mark Isner tops 100,000 targets in singles at Silver Dollar


No, Mark Isner didn't win the $100,000.00 Grand American Challenge but the 2012 Hall of Fame inductee did smash his 100,000th singles target at the Southern Grand on March 12, 2012.

7th WVATA Hall of Fame Shoot Results


2012 WV State Team Announced


Pat Swartz Reaches the 100,000 Mark in Singles

Pat Swartz, standing in the shadow of a palm tree, smashed his 100,000th target

today and from the picture is looks like sunny Florida. Pat, who started registering targets in 1979, is close in handicap at almost 90,000 and doubles over 95,000. Pat has placed on the State Team several times and won among others several trophies at the State Shoot.

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