Pat Swartz Reaches the 100,000 Mark in Singles

Pat Swartz, standing in the shadow of a palm tree, smashed his 100,000th target

today and from the picture is looks like sunny Florida. Pat, who started registering targets in 1979, is close in handicap at almost 90,000 and doubles over 95,000. Pat has placed on the State Team several times and won among others several trophies at the State Shoot.

I emailed Pat for some of his history and he replied with this, it was so good I've included it unedited. Beside Pat on the left is another WV shooter and friend, John Barnes.

 It is good to hear from you. I did break the 100,000  target. My final score was 92 for this last 100. I shot the first 100 of this deal with a pull trigger Win. M12 and I wanted to shoot the last 100 the same way. I haven't pulled a trigger for many years and was it ever a trip to keep from setting the trigger as I brought the gun up. I shot with some buddies that shoot here at the SD. I started shooting trap in 71 or 72. My brother and I shot club shoots and Calcutta's all over Indiana and the west side of Ohio. My brother joined the ATA in 77 or 78 and started shooting registered pretty regularly. I went to the grand a couple of times,with him and decided that I should start shooting registered. I signed up in 79 and didn't shoot much registered for a lot of years.We shot all the club programs like we always had but not a lot of registered. Big brother and I are both tool & die makers and the way the work was in our area,at that time, you could work 24 hrs a day if you could stay awake. As the years went by we both had more free time and were able to shoot more registered. He and I built a successful tool and engineering company. I sold my 50% to him in 95 and moved to WV. The move to southern WV made it harder for me to shoot registered without driving 85-100 miles to shoot. In 99 my wife and I started coming to Florida for the winters and to shoot. We traveled the chain for 4 or 5 years before we picked the West Palm Beach club to spend the whole winter at. At West palm Beach we usually shot 500-600 every day and spent the evening on the porch of the gun club loading shells. The target count started going up and one year in there I shot 30,000 combined. We bought a place here at Silver Dollar in 07 and I only go to a couple of the chain shoots now that it is so easy to shoot all I want to here at SD and all I have to go is jump in my golf cart and drive across the street . I didn't shoot any at all in WV this year. I wanted to shoot the WV state shoot,but didn't get to because of a commitment to my grand son. I started out shooting a M12 and went to a BT 99 then to a TM1 and an MX3 for doubles. I still have the MX3 and shoot it for doubles. It has all the lock parts replaced 2 times and I had to have the firing pin holes fixed but other than that and a couple dozen hammer springs and firing pins,it's still going strong. I bought a Kolar combo a few years ago,but couldn't get rid of it quick enough and I have borrowed and shot some high dollar trap guns from my brother but never really was in love with any of those high shooting, evil things. I now shoot a Win SX-1 with a Baker super 16 barrel for singles and a factory full barrel for caps and my old MX3 for doubles.
 I need about 7,500 doubles and 12,000 caps to get over 1000,000 on them and I think I will eventually make it on both of them. I still love to shoot just not as intensely as years ago. I don't blame that on the shooting but on the pressure I had all week long,at the shop. When I went to the gun club the whole deal was because it is what I wanted to do not because of something I had to do. That probably isn't a lot different from most guys that shoot for a long time.
 I plan on coming to the WV state shoot this summer and I look forward to seeing you there.
Patrick Swartz