West Virginians at the 2019 Grand American

Report from the 2019 Grand American


16 shooters traveled from WV to the Mecca of trapshooting in Sparta for the  120th  Grand American World Championships. First to appear on the leaderboard was Sandy Spencer broke 93 in Event 2 the Trap & Field Handicap for Lady II Third Place.

Mark Isner won 25 -26 Runner-up in Event 5 the Trapshooting USA Handicap with a score of 95.

Jim Schad was in a shoot off for his yardage group for 3rd place in Event 16 President Terry Dean Handicap by Perazzi.

Sandy represented WV in the Lady II Category of the Champion of Champions Event breaking them all and was the lone 100 straight in Lady II winning the championship crown out right. Cameron Bailey and Fred Dague both represented WV as well Cameron as the WV Runner up in the absence of the WV Champion Todd Sauble and Fred Dague WV Sub Vet Runner up in the absence of WV Sub Vet Champion Leon Lowther. Bailey breaking a 99 and Dague a 98.


All the carryovers have not been decided yet and there are still three events to go.


West Virginians attending are Lonnie Spencer, Bob Harden, Jim Schad, Darrel Murray, Cameron Bailey, Michael Snyder, Michael Wilder, Fred Dague, Doug Damron, Toot Riggle, Darrell Dowler, Gary Gaither, Thomas Miller and Kinzy Smith.  

Others we know Michael Kemp broke 200 in the Clay Target Championship I don’t know how he faired yet, John C Thomas shot the COC and broke 99, Joey Charnigo broke 200 in the CTC and won NRA Singles Championship, runner up in the Rio Doubles, Blaser Handicap Champion, Third President Terry Dean Handicap, Richard Zombeck was Class AAA Runner up in Event I.