Michael Kemp Sweeps All Championships at the 14th WV Hall of Fame


Michael Kemp Sweeps All Championships at the 14th WV Hall of Fame and comes close to the ATA Grand Slam.

Michael Kemp put on a stunning display Sunday to beat all comers in the WV HOF Richard T Paxton Doubles and The Darrel Murray Handicap Championships and nearly completed his ATA Grand Slam in the process, he has the 200 in singles, actually a couple of them one was at this shoot in 2015 but the highest in doubles and handicap from the 27 are 99’s, shouldn’t be long before that changes. Ninety nines in both the doubles and handicap events, none of the other forty seven shooters in doubles and sixty three shooters in handicap were even close. In the Richard T Paxton Doubles Steven Sprout was the closest with a 95 to claim Class A honors, Class B winner was Thomas Grey with a 93 and Gary Frazier C winner with an 87.

        Michael Kemp                                Steve Sprout                                 Tom Gray

The weather was dry but windy when the Darrel Murray Handicap Championship started but it didn’t faze Michael, shooting from the back fence, who went 75 straight dropping one late on the fourth trap.

Carl Bittner was closest with a 96 to earn him 19 -21 yard buckle. The middle yardage group, 22-24 yard was knotted with three 93’s JW Dowler, Jim Schad and Michael Snyder. Jim didn’t answer the call so JW and Michael squared off, after one round Snyder won the buckle. There was also a three way tie for 25 -27 yard laurels between Dennis Cooperrider, Steve Sprout and Alec Sauble. Alec, on his way back to the eastern panhandle, failed to answer the call and Cooperrider and Sprout flipped with Sprout gaining the buckle.

              Michael Snyder                         Larry Lilley                      Sandy Spencer

                Maddy Long                             Megan Snyder                              

Category winners were Megan Snyder in Jr. and Maddy Long claiming Sub Jr., Sandy Spencer Lady winner, Larry Lilley Vet winner and Ralph Corely Sr. Vet.

Saturday’s Todd Sauble Singles Championship again Michael Kemp broke just one less than was thrown along with Alec Sauble, recent law school graduate and Todd’s son , they went to the shootoff where both dropped one early and Alec dropping another one late in the round gave Michael his first Championship win of the shoot and a preamble for the weekend. Alec was the Class A winner.


                  Alec Sauble                          Todd Sauble receiving HOF induction from Chuck          `                                                                          Jackson and Steve Sprout

Between hundreds Todd Sauble was inducted into the WVATA Hall of Fame, master of ceremonies and “the voice of the WVATA” Chuck Jackson doing the presentation of the award. Congratulations and well wishes from the crowd of eighty in attendance.  You can read Todd’s nomination letter here.

 Sandy and Fred ATA All Americans        Both Todd and Fred talked about what the honors meant

Certificates for the three WV shooters named to the ATA All American Team were presented to Sandy Spencer, Fred Dague and Cameron Bailey, who couldn’t attend due to illness.

New shooter Anthony Sellaro’s name has been showing up on the winners lists at the Cardinal and now at the WV HOF shoot winning Class B with a 198, word is that he is a world champion muzzleloader shooter, we are glad to have him join us. A tie between Class C combatants James Marcum and Tom Urquhart saw Marcum take the win when Tom failed to show for the shootoff. Tammy Jackson, who I’m told had a private lesson from none other than 34 time ATA All American Nora Martin Ross, won Class D by five targets. Lessons do help.

          Anthony Sellaro                        James Marcum                           Tammy Jackson

      Larry when he lost the flip         Larry when he won the shootoff                                            for Veteran with Philip Andes           for 25-27 yard group in handicap


                 Darrell Dowler

Sandy Spencer broke 197 for Lady’s Category, Larry Lilley and Philip Andes flipped for Vet honors with Andes picking the right side of the coin, Darrell Dowler broke his second 198 in recent weeks for the Sr. Vet laurels, Megan Snyder won the Jr. Category and Maddy Long claimed the Sub Jr trophy.

Saturday’s Preliminary Handicap was named for Bill Talkington of New Martinsville, Bill was inducted in the WVATA Hall of Fame in 1995. He was the WV Doubles Champion in 1972, 1973 and 1979 as well as the WV All Around Champion in 1970, 1972 and 1973.

Bill Talkington accompanied by Beulah, his wife, made an appearance Sunday along his honors Shooting vest and a picture showing his many trophies and awards.

In 2016 Bill and Beulah Talkington from New Martinsville, were nominated as a TEAM and as individuals for their dedication and commitment to the West Virginia Hunter Education program. They have taught Hunter Safety since 1968 and for over 41 years in New Martinsville, Wetzel County, WV offering both spring and fall classes, making nearly 4000 student hunters safer in the woods and range. Both as team leaders, have conducted 95 classes. Beulah, with 9,274 hours of instruction and Bill with 8,571 hours. Being life members of the NRA, they conducted air rifle classes for over twelve consecutive years and developed Air Rifle Teams that had national winners of the WV Air Rifle Teams at West Virginia University. One of their students was selected to Ohio State University Rifle team. Bill also, as an extension of their gun shop ran a trap range, teaching shooters how to be their best. Beulah taught BB Gun safety classes for several years for the area Cub Scout Camps. Bill has been a former WVHEA State Volunteer Instructor of the Year. He has set the standards for young hunters and shooters for his accolades in competition shooting for the NRA in all aspects of shooting; Muzzleloader, Rifle, Rimfire and Shotguns. They have both recruited many new instructors through their own team and encouraging others by their commitment to the Hunter safety Program. Bill has been the firearms dealer for the Lewis-Wetzel chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation for over 20 years and the firearms dealer for the area MOOSE Lodge. Bill was also inducted into the WV Wild turkey Hall of Fame for his work with youth. Bill and Beulah were teaching Hunter Safety before the WV DNR set-up official classes.

These are only a few of the reasons they were nominated for the WVHEHOF.

Bill Talkington:

· Hall of Fame Amateur Trapshooting Association

· NWTF member

· NRA Life member

Beulah Talkington:

· State Recognition, WV Wildlife Federation

· 4-H Shooting Sports, for work with youth

New shooter Rusty McHenry bested all shooters by 3 with a 98 in the event named for Bill Talkington running late in the day the lights were turned on for the later squads, some of the winning scores came from those later squads. James Marcum broke 95 for 19-21 yard honors, Michael Snyder won 22-24 win the same score and three knotted at 95 for the 25-27 yard were Chuck Jackson, Larry Lilley and Michael Kemp it took three rounds to decide the victor, Larry Lilley.

        Rusty McHenry                                                           Larry Lilley and Michael Kemp

The Emerson Lilley Buckle went to Michael Kemp for a combined score of 393 in events 1, 2 and 4. Michael’s also won High All Around with a score of 397 the highest in the 14 years of the HOF shoot.

In all fifteen Hall of Fame inductees past and present attended: Darrell Dowler, Darrel Murray, Bill Talkington, Sandy Spencer, David Kemp, Edsel Kittle, Fred Dague, Mark Isner, Scott Ross, Robert Harden, Steve Sprout, Gary Holmes, Michael Kemp, Doug Damron and Todd Sauble.

This weekend could not of happen with a tremendous amount of work from a lot of people. Larry and Kenney Lilley’s crew had the grounds picture perfect, in fact they have every year in the past as well. The food coming from the kitchen I’d put up against any you could find at a Gun Club or any type of club. If you have never been to Marshall County Hunting and Fishing Club treat yourself and plan to shoot they have shoots June 12th, 26th and 30th, July 10th, 24th,and 28th (on the 10th come to the first day of the WV State Shoot at Winchester instead), Aug. 14th,25th and 28, Sept 11th, 15th and 25th. I wish I lived closer I’d be there every time they threw targets it’s a great club with the largest target participation in the state. Their website is www.marshallcountyhfc.com. Manning the classification computer this year was Mark Isner and Bill King Jr. doing the squadding chores, they can’t know how much I appreciated them stepping in.

                           Bill King Jr             Mark Isner                     Steve Sprout                                                 


 Steve Sprout, as usual, was the cashier, a function he also masterfully performs at the state shoot.

                                             Mark Isner                           Darrel Murray

Darrel Murray handled the ordering, distribution of trophies and target setting. He also was seen manning the computer entering scores and posting options. Rusty McHenry runs the new DuPont Employees Recreational Club and volunteered to enter scores in the system and has agreed to help at the WV State Shoot. We appreciate him stepping in as well. None of the workers at this shoot are compensated in any way and deserve thanks for a job well done. If you would like to help next year let one of us know we can use you. The help at the WV State Shoot on the other hand comes with free targets if you’re interested let us know.