WV Shooters at the Buckeye Open


In Wednesday's rain drenched 200 Doubles Bill King Jr was the Class B Winner with a 188

Thursday's 1st handicap Anthony Sellaro broke 95 to secure 3th Place.

In Thursday's singles Jim Schad breaks them all. In only his second perfect century, the other at Vandalia, Jim smoked the birds.

Well done Jim! Fred Dague 99, Mark Isner 98

In the last handicap of the day Darrel Murray put up an impressive 97 putting him back on the 27 and claimed Veteran Winner last weekend Murray shot a 96 in the Handicap championship and earning a half yard. Darrell Dowler broke 94, Anthony Sellaro a 94 which garnered him 10th Place, Toot Riggle and Fred Dague 93's

Friday's Singles saw Jim Schad obliterating another 100 clay targets and bumping him another class for saturday's championship singles.

Friday's Handicap Tammy Jackson breaks 96, Anthony Sellaro broke one more than yesterday for a 95, Darrel Murray a 94 from the back fence, Steve Long a 93, Bob Lowe broke a 92, John Thompson a 92.(yeah I know he's ohio but he's our squad leader!)

Saturday's highlights were Jim Schad shot a 98 on the first hundred not dropping one (two) until the end and while that disappointed Jim it was plenty to claim both of the Veteran champion carryovers he was in. Darrell Dowler broke a 198 and shot a four round shootoff for Sr. Veteran runnerup. Congratulations to both, well deserved.

Sunday's Handicap Championship saw Anthony Sellaro again place 3rd with a 95 and Tammy Jackson Lady 2 Runnerup with a 92, in all 28 WV Shooters contested the Buckeye.